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Car Finance Broker Saves the Day for Sydney Couple After Test Drive Mishap

Sydney, Australia —

What began as a stressful car-shopping experience for a local Sydney couple turned into a tale of exceptional customer service, thanks to Emma Murphy, a dedicated Car Finance Broker.

The Test Drive Turned Tricky

Matthew (name changed for privacy), an aspiring car owner, was test-driving a Kia vehicle when he accidentally damaged the car. This mishap left him owing an excess of $5,000 to the dealership. Making matters worse, the dealership’s staff were less than understanding, leaving Matthew and his wife feeling downtrodden.

A Car Finance Broker with a Heart

That’s when Emma Murphy of Thrive Broking stepped in. Emma believed that regardless of the situation, no one should be made to feel poorly about themselves. Not only did she assure the couple that they deserved respectful treatment, but she also offered to assist them in every step of buying a new car, from locating the vehicle to negotiating the purchase price and organising the finance.

Emma has access to premium car search service to enable her to locate better deals without the car yard buying pressure.

A Deal Better Than Before

In a turn of events that could only be described as fortuitous, Emma was able to find the same model of the car Matthew had initially test-driven but for $1,000 less. She successfully secured finance approval for Matthew, despite his employment status and his wife’s pending permanent residency. The terms of the finance were favorable, including a great rate and no termination fees for early payment.

On top of that, Emma managed to negotiate a discount of $1,113 on a brand new Hyundai Kona, ensuring that the couple not only avoided additional financial strain but actually came out ahead.

A Customer for Life

Thanks to Emma’s diligent efforts, what began as an unfortunate incident ended up being a positive experience for Matthew and his wife. Not only did they get the car they wanted, but they also found someone in the finance industry who genuinely cared about their well-being.

The couple, immensely relieved and happy, now consider Emma Murphy as their go-to finance broker for any future needs. As for Emma, she believes she’s earned a customer for life, which, in her own words, is “really good.”

For more information on how Thrive Broking can assist you in your next vehicle purchase, reach out and start a conversation.


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